Best Custom Shower Glass in Toronto

Luxury bathrooms and style conscious shower enclosures, help enhance the livability of Toronto homes. This is why at Shower Glass, we provide custom shower glass solutions designed to help increase the aesthetic value and functionality of Toronto bathrooms.

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    Looking for a First-Class Shower Glass?

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    Large Mirrors

    Cutting, polishing, and bevelling a custom sized mirror, is all about creating a decorative device tailored to your specific property. This is why as well as helping add extra light and senses of space to properties, Shower Gass allow our customers to commission completely custom sized mirrors for use in a variety of home and commercial contexts.
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    Custom Mirrors

    Sliding shower doors and frameless shower enclosures help make the most out of even limited sized bathrooms. Custom mirrors, in this case, also make perfect additions to such areas. This is due to the fact that mirrors help create illusions of increased interior space. In like regard, custom mirrors can also be used to increase natural lighting all around the home.

    Glass Walls & Glass Doors

    Perfect for adding touches of sophistication to residential and commercial properties, glass walls and glass doors invite light into properties, while still providing all important privacy and security. Ideal for office space, our glass walls are available in a range of styles, each of which and can be soundproofed to add an extra level of privacy.

    Glass Railings & Entrances

    As well as custom shower glass, Shower Glass also specializes in the design and installation of stylish glass railings and property entrances. Perfect for exemplifying space indoors and outdoors, our glass railings and partitions make highly visual additions to Toronto balconies and stairwells.

    Bathtub Glass Enclosures

    Sliding shower glass doors represent an easy way to add shower functionality to existing bathtubs. Regardless of the shape of your bathtub, we can design and install framed and frameless shower enclosures. In doing so, Toronto homeowners can add luxury shower areas to bathrooms without having to engage in more intensive renovations.

    Frameless Shower Glass

    Custom frameless shower doors and enclosures help add unparalleled luxury and simple functionality to bathrooms. Perfect for master bathrooms and small bathrooms, frameless shower glass is easy to maintain and adds a unique sleekness and sophistication to home bathing areas.

    Make your dream true

    Shower Glass has been providing custom sliding shower doors and bespoke shower enclosures to Toronto residents for over nine years. As a result, we are able to boast completion of over 150 bathroom and custom glass projects. These range from installation of bespoke glass walls and balconies, to custom fabrication and installation of bespoke shower enclosures and decorative mirrors.

    Specializing in frameless shower doors, we help home and property owners in Toronto maximize bathroom space, whilst also adding subtle hints of luxury to bathing areas. Much more importantly, we provide a comprehensive lifetime warranty on frameless shower enclosures and similar installations. – This and a 5-year Kitchen Reno warranty on non-stationary glass furnishings.

    Types of Doors & Enclosures we Specialize In

    Clear Glass Shower Doors

    • Clear glass shower doors help increase the perceptive size of bathrooms.
    • Allowing natural light to enter helps enclosure areas and bathrooms appear large and spacious.
    • Doors can be sliding or hinged depending on enclosure design and/or bathroom size
    • Clear glass shower doors and enclosures have timeless design appeal
    • Sliding and hinged doors feature durable seals which prevent outward spilling of water
    • Clear glass shower doors are made using safe, tempered glass which is both easy to clean and shatter resistant

    Custom Shower Enclosures

    • Custom shower enclosures can be designed to fit and complement any bathroom size or layout
    • Custom glass enclosures can feature inbuilt accessories such as towel hangers and dropdown seating areas
    • Custom enclosures can feature sliding or hinged shower doors depending on client access or personal design preferences
    • Custom glass showers can be corner fitted or positioned so as to create full bathroom width shower areas
    • All glass in our enclosures is tempered for safety and professionally sealed to prevent splashing of excess water

    Neo-Angle Shower Enclosures

    • Neo-angle (no angle) shower enclosures dispense with sharp ninety degree corners in order to provide curved and rounded shower enclosure designs
    • Neo-angle enclosures are space saving whilst also ultimately modern in their aesthetic appearance
    • Fully frameless, shower doors can be hinged or sliding and designed to fit a variety of custom angles
    • Neo-angle showers are perfect for smaller bathrooms and help even smaller bathing areas look perceptively larger
    • Modern & timeless design means that a neo-angle shower enclosure will add value to properties

    Clear Glass Panel Showers with 90-Degree Returns

    • Clear glass panel showers with 90-degree returns are perfect for larger bathrooms and those looking for more luxurious shower enclosures
    • Frameless shower glass designs allow bathrooms to retain their visual size by allowing in natural light
    • Shower doors can be frameless or sliding
    • Use of fully tempered safety class makes enclosures 100% safe and shatter resistant
    • 90-degree return shower areas can be easily customized with hangers, towel racks, and accessibility friendly seating

    Tinted Glass Shower Enclosures

    • Tinted glass shower enclosures can be custom designed to suit any size bathroom and/or layout
    • Tinted glass adds privacy to shower enclosure areas and glass itself can be tinted according to individual client preferences
    • Tinted glass shower enclosures still allow natural light to enhance senses of space but also help define showers as standalone bathroom areas
    • Glass used in our tinted shower enclosures can be partially or fully frameless
    • Doors can be sliding or hinged and all shower glass used is fully tempered for safety

    Framed Shower Enclosures

    • Framed shower enclosures feature raised curbs which lock in water and define showers as separate bathroom areas
    • Our framed glass shower enclosures feature contemporary cubicle designs which will help add value to properties, as well as retain value for longer
    • Framed enclosures can be corner located or custom designed to fit a variety of bathroom angles
    • Framed shower class benefits from superior tensile strength and thickness
    • Framed shower enclosures can be custom fitted with towel racks and drop down accessibility seating

    Bathtub Shower Enclosures

    • Bathtub shower enclosures can be installed in tandem with a new bathtub or built around an existing bathtub installation
    • Shower enclosure doors can be hinged or sliding depending on access preferences
    • Bathtub shower enclosures allow users to step directly into tub areas, whilst also benefiting from better tub area insulation and privacy
    • Framed and frameless shower glass can be used alongside a variety of customization options
    • Framed and frameless shower glass is fully tempered for safety and 100% shatter resistant

    Sliding Shower Doors

    • Sliding shower doors are ideal for built-in bathroom shower areas
    • Frameless shower glass means that sliding doors last longer due to reduced risk of wear and rust
    • Tempered glass ensures shower safety whilst simultaneously adding characteristic elegance to bathroom areas
    • Clear glass and sliding door designs can be fabricated and installed in accordance with a wide variety of budgets and customization options
    • Robust roller track technology keeps rattling to a minimum and door sturdiness to a maximum, its safety and grants more lifespan and home security

    Corner Shower Doors

    • Glass corner shower doors are perfect for walk-in shower enclosures with minimal natural lighting
    • By being transparent, glass corner shower doors allow extra light to enter bathrooms and increase shower enclosure senses of space
    • Corner shower doors can fit any corner shower size and use fully tempered glass for maximum safety for kitchen design
    • Corner shower doors can be easily customized with added towel holders and other accessories
    • Shower doors themselves are easy to clean and can be matched with existing shower hardware