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Frameless glass shower

You can choose to use framed or frameless glass shower when renovating your bathroom. The two can make your job get done but if you want to make your bathroom have a modern look, then go for frameless glass shower. The frameless glass shower has a lot of advantages to the homeowner which include raising the social status of the owner. The glass shower offer convenience, comfort, and a beautiful style that attracts everyone’s attention.

Are you interested in making your bathroom an attractive place for your family members? Shower Glass is waiting for you to come knocking for their services. We have been providing Frameless glass showers for a very long time for the residents of Toronto. We also offer the installation services and that why you should choose us to make your bathroom an attractive place for you and your loved ones.

What is Frameless glass shower?

Frameless glass shower consists of a thick glass which is purposely made to prevent water from spraying out of the show in your bathroom. When it comes to their edge, they don’t have any metal frame around them. The frameless glass shower made out of a heavy duty glass which its thickness varies.It has clean and beveled sides.They are mainly made of the glass that is clouded, distorted or transparent.

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What benefits of using Frameless glass shower?


Due to slipperiness caused by shower waters, accidents occur regularly in bathrooms at different home. Frameless glass doors can help avoid this problem because it enables the splashes of the water to remain within the shower area. The leaks are minimized, and this assures the outside floor is still dry hence safer for you.

Care and Maintenance

It is easy to clean a glass door more than shower curtains.The absence of frames makes it difficult for mold and mildew to stick on to. Once wet the dirt easily slides hence making it simpler to wipe and brush.

Enhanced Space Area

Opaque divisions consume a lot of space but using glass makes ar= room appear bigger and more extensive. There is no need of worrying about the size of your bathroom even if it is small because by use of these glasses makes them spacious. Moving around a shower is something your visitors will enjoy your house.

Increased Social Value

The bathrooms with glass designs increase the social value of the house. Any time you decide to sell the home, its value would increase because of the interior design which includes Frameless glass showers.

There are different possible designs with frameless glass shower. The frameless Glass showers that make up the structure of the glass shower are for the most part either colored or transparent colored tempered glass, cast glass and laminated glass.

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