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Large mirrors

If you want to make your room more beautiful, use of custom made mirrors for your home decoration can be a great idea. Use of large mirrors can be a great idea because of many advantages associated with them. They make your room look larger, highlighting whatever they point to and also they can be used as a functional decor item around homes and offices.

When using large mirrors in your home decoration scheme, you need to be mindful of the place because of the items that will be reflected. For instance, you probably don’t want to duplicate your fireplace within the room, but you might want to reflect an open hall or a window because that will create the illusion of added space in the room.

Are you among those who are space challenged in their homes and offices in Toronto? You don’t have to worry anymore because Shower Glass is here for you. We offer an affordable solution to your worries by installing Large custom glasses to your home, office and even your bathrooms. We have various types, shapes, forms and sizes of large custom glasses that can give an illusion of space if we place them strategically within your premises.

What benefits of using large custom mirrors

Enables rooms to look larger

A room can look more spacious if large custom mirrors are used during decoration. This unique mirror reflects the room behind you which is better than being faced by a blank wall. Rooms with dark walls can benefit more by use of this technique. The open effect is enabled by lack of a border between wall and glass found in a frameless glass which amplifies this effect. If you want to create a welcoming and a spacious room, then go for large custom mirrors for your social spaces like dining rooms.

Large mirrors amplify your room light

When light is reflected around the room, it gives an impression of more space which is facilitated by large mirrors that are capable of catching light from the windows.A room that is stifled and dim can be brightened by use of large custom mirrors. It will be of great help to install these mirrors in bathrooms that have small and no windows.

Mirrors provide additional Security

Half-sphere mirrors installed in some buildings helps security to be on alert of any suspicious individuals by keeping an eye on them. Choosing to have large mirrors to be mounted around your home makes it possible to see around walls and doors hence improving your home security.

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Different types of Large custom mirrors

Mirrors are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. There are mirrors with metal frames, wooden frames and others have no frames. Also, mirrors may come painted or etched and hand-sized or wall-sized. As you can see, these items are available in various styles to ensure that you get the one you want for your needs. The best thing about mirrors is that they can be customized to match your existing decorating style and other furniture items, making it an excellent addition to your home.
Where can you place a large mirror?

If you have limited space, you can place the large mirror at the corner of a room. It’ll make the room look bigger by reflecting the space around. Also, you may consider placing a furniture item or a plant in the mirror’s reflection to add depth to your space. If you don’t have limited space, then a large mirror can be used to accent your room as a piece of decoration. When installing your mirror, you may want to place it in such a manner that it doesn’t reflect things that you don’t want to be reflected. For example, the inside part of your closet is one thing that you may not want to be reflected other parts of your home.

How Can Mirrors Be Used as a Décor Tool?

If you are installing a mirror in your room, you should be keen on where you will be lacing it. For rooms with limited space, it would be best to place the mirror on the most significant wall. Also, you can consider investing in a free-standing mirror which you can place at the corner of your room and add an object in front of the mirror. By combining the object, you will be creating a sense of depth and making the room look more prominent.

If your bedroom doesn’t have enough floor space or wall space for mirror placement, you may consider attaching the mirror to the wardrobe door. This will allow you to face the mirror in various directions by opening the wardrobe door. Also, you can install a full-length mirror which not only provides that extra depth to the room but also give you a full body view.

There is a myriad of benefits you can gain by using large custom mirrors for your home or business. Are you looking to install large custom mirror? Look no further. Shower Glass is a trusted company with years of experience of installing mirrors in Toronto homes. Get in touch with us anytime for mirror installation and we will strive to offer you the best possible services.

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Helping you add an Illusion of Space to Your Home

Wherever you might want to add an extra dimension of space and light to your property, we can help.

We specialize in the provision of everything from large round mirrors to floor to ceiling mirrors and wall to wall mirror designs. In fact, the only restriction on the size of the mirrors we can provide lies with the overall size of your homes doorways; this and the accessibility of smaller spaces such as guest bathrooms and narrow corridors.

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